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We have a range of services we offer to our clients on project basis. 

Consultancy Services

Our project-based business solutions take a highly collaborative approach. This ensures we can assess your strategic goals and work collectively to ensure your goals and expectations are met. We offer completely tailored and customizable content to suit your organisational requirements. 

Organisational Strategy

IntelWork HR can support you in building a long-term plan that allocates your business resources and identifies future needs to increase your capability. By assessing your vision and goals, we will create and tailor a plan on meeting your objectives. By incorporating your previous growth will help to ensure you are ready when you experience future growth to maintain & continuously meet demand.


Business Improvement & Restructures

IntelWork HR can help assess your business productivity. This is achieved by mapping your processes, resources & staff capability. By creating a clear directive and operational process we can help align your business output with your operational goals.


Workshops & Training

IntelWork HR offers a range of deliverable workshops that are tailored to your needs as a business.


HR Foundations

Ensuring you have the correct employment contracts, documentation and supporting policies are critical to ensuring the success and efficiency of your HR department. IntelWork HR offer bespoke HR Foundation creation and implementation. We also can support your business in reviewing your current documentation to assist in identifying and resolving gaps in your current process.

Let's Work Together

Contact us today to discuss how we could support your business!

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