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Founded by Emily Thomas and Jessica O’Donnell, IntraWork  was inspired by the many organisations who have expressed the need to take that ‘next step’ in their people, policy, and process, without requiring a human resource department. In supporting these businesses, and developing their human resources foundation, a substantial gap in the market was discovered.

While having a human resource department is vital to ensuring businesses are compliant and allow management to focus on achieving operational success, appointing a dedicated resource can be costly and time consuming.   

IntraWork provides small to medium businesses with a wealth of knowledge in employment law and human resource best practise solutions. Our dedicated consultants are available to advise and assist your management team when, where and how it’s needed.

Having dedicated outsourced support for your business allows you gain professional advice, enabling you to make effective business decisions and develop a stronger workplace. Offering a practical subscription-based solution delivers human resource and business strategy services, remotely and on-demand.

Emily and Jessica’s collaborative approach allows assessment of the core issues, development of strategies to resolve them and assistance in implementing the solutions. IntraWork‘s support and coaching to business leaders and their teams, enable small to medium businesses to be more successful and effective.

For more information on how we can assist your business, check out our services and packages.

Online Tutoring


Our combined experience provides your business with the ultimate support to achive opperational excellence!



Co-founder and Principal

Strategy, compliance, business transformation



Co-founder and Principal

Human resources, Recruitment, Workplace & incident investigation, OHS, compliance, Work Cover 

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